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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Father I Slipped

This is a cute joke that I received by email:

There was a town where there was a minister who people came to and confess their sins.
Most people will confess committing adultery.

The minister despised the way confessions were done, especially when people mentioned adultery.

So he instructed the sinners to use the word "slipped" instead.

Every body learned the word, and used it instead of "Adultery".

Days passed by, and the minister died, a new one came to town, and people still used the word "slipped".

The new minister didn't have a clue, so on Sunday's preach he said : " some one should fix the roads and the walk ways in this town, I can't believe how most of the people are slipping!"

Every body laughed hard, but no one laughed harder than the mayor.

The minister got mad and he addressed the mayor : "of all the people you shouldn't be laughing! your wife slipped 8 times this week!".

Standing on Thin Air

When  you see the pictures below, you'll be fascinated by this trick that the french artist pulled off in public.

He calls it "Still Life Painting" (hope I translated that right).

If you look at the last three pictures, you'll see the secret behind the trick.

One spectator stood patiently till the artist was exhausted and he took a few pictures of him unveiling:

See, it wasn't that hard :)

Mega Chinese Buses

Sorry for not being around for some time, I've been kind of lazy lately.

Well, I'm back!

And this time with future buses that China is working on.
These buses are said to be able to drive "above" street traffic.
So instead of buses having their own lanes, they will have their own levels.

Check out the photos to learn more:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pay To Sit!

Look I know that we are facing an economical crisis, but this too much!!
Give us a Break!
Making us pay just to sit on a chair in a public park!
And if we don't we'll get mean nails in our bottoms!
Who ever thought about this idea should be condemned as a true criminal!

A computer on your wrist

Check this out!
You can call me a gadget junkie or what ever you want, I just love the "Technology"!

Card Stacker

This guy was awarded the number one card stacker award in some competition in China.
He actually built the biggest card house in the world.
Check out the pictures:


Sunday, August 1, 2010

What is Love

Baby don't hurt me

Sure we all heard the song, but truely, what is love to you?
This question was asked to a bunch of kids, here are some of their answers:

(8 Years old)
Love is when grandma couldn't paint her nails any more, Grandpa did it for her, even when his hands hurt, he still does it (paint her nails).

(5 Years Old)
Love is when a woman sprays on some perfum and a man splashes some after shave, and then they go out together to smell each other.

(6 Years old)
Love is when you go out with someone, and you give them your french fries without making them give you theirs.

(7 Years Old)
Love is when mommy makes coffee for dad, and takes a sip from it with a spoon just to make sure that it tastes good.

(7 Years old)
Love is when you tell a guy that you like his shirt, so he wears it for you every day.

(6 Years old)
Mom loves me more than any body else, she kisses me every night until I fall asleep.

(5 Years old)
Love is when mom chooses the best part of the chicken and gives it to dad.

(7 Years Old)
Love is when mother sees dad so sweaty and she tells him that he looks better than Robert Redford.

(7 Years old)
When you are in love, your eye lashes keeps going up and down, and sparkles comes out of you.

(8 Years old)
You shouldn't tell someone that you love them unless you mean it, and if you do, then you should say it a lot, Because people keep forgetting and they need someone to keep reminding them.

Finally, here's a story that was brought to us by a writer who was chosen as a referee in choosing a child with the amount of compassion.
The winner was  a four year old who saw his old neighbor crying after his wife died and left him all alone.
He ran to his neighbor and sat on his lap.
When he came back, his mother asked him why he did that, he said "nothing, just helped him to cry".

So, what does love mean to you after all?