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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jordan Elections 2013

So today is the big day!
People in Jordan already started voting since 7:00 a.m. this morning.
The Vote is expected to go on until 7:00 p.m. this evening.
This Jordan's 17th parliament, and what makes it special is the new voting act, where each citizen will have two votes instead of one (one for a local candidate, and the other for a nationwide list chosen by the voter).

But this blog is about fun stuff, not politics, so I will not go into the boring details.

So what fun stuff can we find under the "Jordan elections 2013" subject?

Let me go back to when the government started encouraging people to get their election cards, I remember seeing posters and ads showing public figures, like the famous singer Omar Abdallat, holding an election card with a motto "Because it is your call", or something like that.

That inspired a number of artists and cartoonists to replace those public figures with other characters like Bat man, or figures like the ones in the following pictures:

Jordan Elections 2013

Jordan Election 2013

Jordan Election 2013

Jordan Election 2013
I don't know who's in the last picture, but I'm assuming he is a former member of parliament, or a candidate, since the picture says "If you wanna see my face in the parliament, go register and let's get over with!".

There were many pictures like the above, there is no space to display them all here!

So, after every body registered, and got their election cards, it was the turn of the candidates to register and start hanging their posters.
I must say that the campaigns in this election are much more inviting.

I mean before it was just mottoes and talk, but now there are smart TV ads, more posters with pictures instead of just empty signs with mottoes and promises.

I remember seeing a TV ad for one of the lists (list is equivalent to party I guess, it is a list of candidates of course) who is lead by a pilot.

The symbol of the list was naturally an aircraft, and the TV ad says "Dear voters, the national union list would like to announce its flight to the parliament...etc." I don't remember the whole ad, and i couldn't find it on Youtube, but it is a new campaigning method indeed.

As for the posters, in the past elections I remember if a candidate would show his face on a flier or something, teenagers would bring out all the art talents they have to mutilate his / her image.
This election is no exception, only this time it is done on bigger pictures!

Jordan Election 2013

Jordan Election 2013
I guess they should have hanged their posters higher like the one below:

Jordan Election 2013
of course, artists and cartoonists didn't waste the chance of mocking up those posters.

Here is a sample of that mocking up where an artist is showing what it's like if Hollywood actors where our candidates:

Jordan Election 2013

There is just fun every where, I have always been fond of the Jordanian sense of humor (remember the post about the last snow storm in Amman).

So I wish everybody in Jordan a "Happy Vote" day.
Hope we'll have a better parliament in Jordan with better members of parliament.
We don't want members who act like the cat in the below picture:

Jordan Election 2013

And we don't want a parliament like the one in the below picture:
Jordan Election 2013

Good luck for all!

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